A Union's greatest asset
lies in the solidarity of its members...

Present Executive

The Executive Members for October 2017 - October 2019

President Shannon James

Vice President Anthony Wolffe

Treasurer Nishanthi Bailey

Recording Secretary Angel Heyliger

Immediate Past President

Admin Rep Shequita Parsons

Preschool Rep Marion Dyer

Primary School Reps Cleveland Richardson, N'Gina Butterfield, Crenstant Williams, Shacolbi Basden

Middle School Reps C. Renee Heyliger, Bryce Williams

High School Reps   Patricia Nesbitt, Wade Herman

Paraeducator Rep Joezine Butterfield

Attendance Officers Rep Prinzine Bailey

Specialist Rep Dante Cooper

Counselor Rep Tyrone McHardy


General Secretary Mr Michael Charles       Office Administrator Ms Caren Lightbourne

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