A Union's greatest asset
lies in the solidarity of its members...

Women’s Committee

The Women’s Committee of the Bermuda Union of Teachers (BUT) was organized under the banner of the Status of Women’s Committee of the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT).  The CUT’s mandate is to strengthen and empower women leaders in unions.  The BUT’s Committee is an advocate for gender equality and gender equity in its Union.


Sponsorship from Women’s Committee of the BUT has afforded many BUT members (male and female) to attend workshops, conferences and programmes both in Bermuda and in other countries.  These workshops have given our members opportunities to grow and develop personally and professionally.


The BUT’s Women’s Committee has held various activities over the years including F.Y.I. Workshops, Professional Development and the BUT Teachers’ Talent Showcase.


Some members of the Women’s Committee are members of and have volunteered for local organizations, including the Women’s Resource Centre.  The Committee is up to the challenge of becoming an effective change agent within the BUT by focusing on issues that impact its members


Angel Heyliger is the present chair of the BUT Women’s Committee.

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