A Union's greatest asset
lies in the solidarity of its members...

A Message from General Secretary

The Bermuda Union of Teachers has a rich legacy of accomplishments in our island home...

We were responsible for raising the school leaving age from 13yrs to 15yrs in 1921 and also compulsory attendance for 5 days per week.

As a Union, we have had many firsts.  The first Inter-School Sports was sponsored by this Union in 1934, the first annual issue of the Bermuda Education Journal was published in 1941 and the first Collective School Concert was held in 1922.

These are a few examples of the social and cultural conscience of this Union.

We trust that through this  website, the teaching fraternity and the community at large would be kept informed about the work of this Union.

Best wishes!!!

Michael A. Charles

General Secretary, Bermuda Union of Teachers

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