Labour Day 2019

On September 2nd, 2019, several BUT members, family and friends, marched alongside our sister Unions in the Annual Labour Day celebrations.

Before marching through Hamilton, participants heard speeches from BPSU President, Bro. Jason Hayward, ESTU President, Bro. Donald Lottimore, and our very own President Mr. Shannon James.

Bro. James began his remarks by holding a moment of silence for Bro. Leroy Simmons, a well-loved BUT member and talented musician who passed away earlier this year.

Our President explained the Union’s role as an important body that has been advocating on behalf of his members for over 100 years.

His speech ended with encouragement for all members to challenge and question policies that seem unfair or not in accordance with best practice.

Below you will find a video containing the speeches of our President, Bro. Shannon James, other officials present.

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