A Union's greatest asset lies in the solidarity of its members...

Congratulations to Sis. Marion Dyer for being elected to serve on the status of women's committee.

Congratulations to our President Bro. Shannon James for being elected to serve as 3rd Vice President for the CUT.

Congratulations to Sis. Angel Heyliger for heading the status of women's committee for the CUT!


Centenary Celebrations


A Message from The President

Greetings Brothers and Sisters:

Welcome back to the business of the most noble profession!

Commencement of this 2020-21 academic school year will undoubtedly require a shift in our overall thinking and how we operate. As we approach the many changes ahead during the Bermuda Public School System’s transformation towards Plan 2022 in the midst of an unexpected pandemic, I am pleased to be able to answer the call to continuing serving and representing you as your president.

During the remainder of this biennial, we look forward to:
Implementing initiatives that will aid in proactive representation
Leading the Union into reform that will enhance our operations and lay a foundation for succession planning
Increasing collaboration with our stakeholders
Continuing to improve our communication with members and the wider public
Responsibly representing and advocating for the interests of our members, and by extension the students, in the BPSS
In the coming weeks, there may be several challenges that arise as we navigate the many safety and health protocols put in place to keep staff and students as safe as possible. As you prepare to receive students into school buildings on the 14th of September, the Union will put a system in place that will enable your Executive Reps. to track your concerns and suggestions that you share with your school administrators. In this way, we will be able to support you as you work through the intricacies to promote a smooth transition. The adjustment may not be concise, however, collectively we will advocate to ensure that best practice is maintained and executed in the interest of us all.

On behalf of your 2019-2021 Executive Committee, know that the opportunity to represent you is not taken lightly, and we look forward to continuing to protect and advance your general welfare under the banner of our motto of Education for Responsibility!

In solidarity,
Sis. Nishanthi Bailey


“ Teacher Talk is sponsored by the Bermuda Union of Teachers.
Your hosts are Dean Foggo, Michelle Laylor and Tamicia Darrell ”

Teacher Talk is back and “Just in Time” for you to call us and voice your comments, concerns, and whatever is on your mind…

  • Tune into Magic 102.7 for Teacher Talk Thursday…listen to teachers talking about issues, discussing pertinent topics and just having a good old time on a Thursday evening.
  • Laugh with us, Learn with us, Love with us, only by listening to us.
  • Dean Foggo, Tamicia Darrell and Michelle Laylor will be your co-hosts for this year and we are excited as we enter into a new season of Teacher Talk.
  • What will this year bring?
  • We are sure there will be so much to discuss.
  •  We will continue to highlight schools and to also bring in guests on a variety of topics relating to teaching and learning.
  • Is your school doing something that you would like for people to know about? Pass it on to us, we can help get the word out!!

Call in and share your thoughts: 296-2442
tune in on:

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