A Union's greatest asset lies in the solidarity of its members...

Remembered In Solidarity
Bro. Earl E.A. "Gabby" Hart

39th Annual Conference


A Message from The President

Dear Brothers and Sisters:

With great pride and humility, I extend warm greetings to each of you as we celebrate 105 years of responsibility for education in Bermuda. It is an honor to address you as your President during this historic milestone.

Our journey as educators is not merely a profession; it is a noble calling, a commitment to shaping the minds and hearts of the future generation. In every lesson taught, every moment of guidance provided, and every ounce of dedication shown, you are making a profound impact on the lives of our students and the future of our nation.

Over the past century, the Bermuda Union of Teachers has been a beacon of advocacy and excellence in education. Our unwavering dedication to the advancement of our profession and the welfare of our members is a testament to our enduring strength and resilience.

As we reflect on our rich history and look ahead to the future, let us continue to stand united in our commitment to excellence and equity in education. Despite the challenges we face, our collective determination and passion for teaching will guide us through any obstacle.

As you take pride in the invaluable work you do every day, remember, you are not just educators; you are difference-makers, shaping the future one lesson at a time. Let us continue to inspire, uplift, and empower those we serve, for the betterment of our students, our schools, and our beloved Bermuda.

Thank you for your dedication, your passion, and your unwavering commitment to education. Together, we will continue to make history.

In solidarity,
Bro. Jonathan Tankard 

A Message from The President

Greetings Brothers and Sisters:

On behalf of your B.U.T. Executive Committee, welcome back to the business of the most noble profession!  We hope that your summer has been restful, rhythmic, and reinvigorating, and that your recent return has been positive and productive.  

As the world emerges from its two-year COVID-cocoon, we in education are more vital to society than ever. Throughout the pandemic, we stood strong, delivering what had to be delivered with integrity, grace, and considerable artistic flair.  

We in education know the importance of self-knowledge; and we, in fact, are agents of self-actualization. There is, of course, nothing more powerful than knowing yourself; and that makes the art of teaching a vital part of any prosperous society.

This Union values our resident artists – knowing the value of each and every one of you. The testament to your stature lies in the empirical fact that each and every one of you have contributed to the creation of several masterpieces.

Productive, law-abiding, self-aware citizens do not simply occur – we influence them in a way that allows them to become who they will.  We teach – we lead – we create – and we perpetuate this community.  

Take away teachers, and all art fades. Take away teachers, and all hope dries up. Take away teachers, and things fall apart. This is why we take our duty to represent you so seriously; we know what you are, and we will continue to speak truth to power!


As always, this Union will stand for you! We stand at the gate, ready to go to battle for our workers, and we are honored to be here at the dawn of another school year.

In solidarity,
Sis. Nishanthi Bailey


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